Monday, 16 Sep 2019

How To Spot A Short Lifespan Web Host

Have you seen a hosting company offer Proxy Hosting along with Web Hosting?

One of the most common things you’ll see from a web hosting company that is fairly new is, they will offer Proxy Web Hosting, and host regular web hosting account on the same server. Now for those that do not know the negative side of that combination, here is a brief explanation.

-Proxies are websites that lets users on the net view websites using a different IP address other than their own. Now, Proxies are one of the top used types of websites on the internet.

Proxies take a huge about of CPU usage on a server, meaning, if the web hosting companies server cannot handle a site that uses 20% or more CPU usage, it may be a bad thing to host proxies.

Now these new web hosting company owners do not know this, and where they make their first and sometimes last mistake is, they place both types of web hosting accounts on the same server, causing downtime for both unique types of websites (proxies and regular web hosting accounts).

This in return places a bad reputation on their company’s name early in the stage of their development.

*So my tip there is, ask the web hosting company if they allow proxies, and if they do, ask them do they place them on the same server as regular web hosting accounts. If they do, I advise you to stay away from that web hosting company.*

So what else should I look for to spot a short lifespan web host? Well I’m glad you asked.

Have you ever seen a web hosting company that offers Unlimited Disk Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth?

If you have, this can either be positive or a negative thing to sign up for. What do I mean about that? Well, some hosting companies when they first start out like I did, offer these types of deals just to spread their companies name, and provide great support to bring in more recommendations to their company. Another thing a great hosting company will do like I did with my current web hosting company is, limit the number of accounts that someone can sign up for.

If a web hosting company has an unlimited number of spots available that one can sign up for, that’s a good sign that the company is new, have no knowledge of how crowded the server is going to become, and will not be around much longer.

If web hosting companies say they offer “unlimited” bandwidth, they have no knowledge of how bandwidth works, and therefore you are going to have poor support when random issues come up with the server. The reason I say that is, there is NO such thing as “unlimited” bandwidth, but there is such a thing as “un-metered” bandwidth.

What is un-metered bandwidth?

Un-metered bandwidth is simply when the datacenter or the place the reseller is receiving their hosting from, doesn’t put a cap on the amount of transfer (bandwidth) they give out to their clients.

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