Friday, 15 Nov 2019
Category: Tech

Simple Guide to Changing Web Hosts

Changing web hosting plans is a chore for any website owner. As with many things that involve change, a lot of problems can end up making a tedious but necessary task an all-out nightmare. 1 – Don’t forget to BACKUP Easily the most important step, making a backup of everything with your current web hosting […]

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Everybody Should Know About Web Hosting

Once you have decided what your purpose is, it is time for you to determine which hosting to go with. Web hosting is like mushroom after downpour and you have to see carefully in order to pick one without poisons. Few points that you should bear in mind are:- First of all, reliability is the […]

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How To Spot A Short Lifespan Web Host

Have you seen a hosting company offer Proxy Hosting along with Web Hosting? One of the most common things you’ll see from a web hosting company that is fairly new is, they will offer Proxy Web Hosting, and host regular web hosting account on the same server. Now for those that do not know the […]

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